Setting up and managing a business in financial services can be particularly challenging as it involves articulating intangible assets and understanding clients' objectives and circumstances.


In today’s modern environment you will need to lift a well-rounded business and digital infrastructure that will enable you to present your value proposition, interact and engage with existing and potential clients and streamline your operations.


Having to manage a wide array of activities often requires allocating significant amount of time and energy into tasks that are outside the expertise and core focus of the business posing an opportunity and productivity cost.




BIZNEX Solution


BIZNEX Consulting brings resources and expertise under one umbrella to enable you to:


  • Create new value propositions

  • Build and grow sales and distribution channels

  • Build websites

  • Produce marketing with RG234 consideration

  • Ease the workload

  • Streamline processes and administration

  • Communicate with wide audiences

  • Keep up to speed with the changing environment

  • Create engaging content that communicates financial products and services with clarity and jargon free

  • Schedule marketing in advance




The BIZNEX team comes with extensive knowledge and experience in financial and professional services, having worked with businesses of all sizes, including AMP, ANZ, ING, Suncorp, Westpac, MLC, KPMG, Fund Managers, Financial Planning and Accounting firms.  


We have experience working with stakeholders at all levels, including executive management teams (c-suite execs), fund managers, front and back office operations, sales and distribution channels, as well as working directly with the end customers (e.g. investors, financial planners). 





We have in-depth knowledge of the Australian marketplace trends and opportunities and we are abreast with global economic outlooks and financial trends.


Our knowledge spans across a wide array of financial products and markets ranging from alternative investments, managed funds, superannuation products, life insurance and general insurance among others supported by financial qualifications and experience.






We believe that financial products and services can have a positive impact on peoples lives. For this reason we are passionate about helping businesses across financial services keep on growing and evolving with the ever changing environment.


We strive to give our clients a competitive edge by helping them transform their business operations and improve their customer experience to meet modern expectations.


BIZNEX Consulting looks to empower and assist entrepreneurs and business owners in the financial services sector to set up, manage and grow their business.





We value creativity, initiative, determination and above all fairness and honesty.