Getting to know your business vision and the key strategic drivers



Detailed research of the business environment, competitive landscape, target market, distribution and marketing channels as well as growth opportunities



Detailed business strategy document for your business outlining the elements above as well as high level financials, implementation plan and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Setting the strategic direction for your business can help you set your sails for success, motivate your staff, set clear goals, gain funding and credibility when communicating your vision.


We can assist you in developing a plan that identifies the challenges and opportunities for your business and elaborate strategy implementation roadmaps in line with your vision.

The approach
  • Stay ahead in the ever-changing market and thrive despite market conditions by forward thinking your strategy

  • Articulate your vision for the future to potential partners, funding providers, staff and clients

  • Get outside the box perspectives and insights to operate your business more efficiently

  • Identify markets and segments for strategic growth

  • Get yourself and your staff motivated and inspired about the future

  • Facilitate collaboration to develop solutions - we engage stakeholders, facilitate outcomes and meet requirements

  • Access strategy managers with direct financial services experience to undertake tailored research and analysis of your business and strategic objectives

  • Bring together methodologies for strategy development





Why is it important?
The BIZNEX advantage
Get in touch



Get in touch


  • Give your staff the necessary tools and confidence to build their sales skills and improve their sales performance

  • Identify cross selling and up selling opportunities and deliver value add products and services to your clients

  • Build long lasting relationships with your existing and potential clients

Financial products are intangible so articulating their benefits and functions effectively is crucial.


Get an objective and honest review of your value proposition and sales approach with a sales coaching program.  



  • Customer service support

  • Outbound calling

  • Business development sales training

  • Sales staff management

  • Key performance indicators 


We got you covered!


If you are a financial planner transitioning into a fee-for-service proposition and would like to re-frame your sales approach get in touch.

  • Get experienced sales managers and coaches to develop effective sales approaches

  • Leverage from the experience, insights and know-how that only come with direct industry experience

  • Deep knowledge and understanding of financial products and markets

  • Facilitate collaboration and participation to develop solutions and achieve outcomes

  • Get an honest opinion on the commerciality of your value proposition


Why is it important?
The BIZNEX advantage

Management consultation on team capabilities, business resources, perceived challenges and opportunities, as well as existing sales frameworks, practices and performance metrics


Sketch high level training plan and review in consultation with management


Engage staff individually to understand their role frameworks and gather insights on perceived challenges and opportunities


Refine training plan if required and discuss proposed dynamics and training frameworks in consultation with management


Implement plan and coaching and report relevant findings to management

The approach

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