Carlos S. Mauleon

Founder & Director

BIZNEX Consulting


Carlos is an experienced financial services professional. He has worked for several major wealth management sales and distribution companies in Australia such as ING, ANZ and AMP, as well as an international equity fund manager specialising in bringing offshore funds to Australian markets.


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Join us on Wednesday the 16th of November and enjoy a


"Helicopter ride across investmnet Asset Classes"  


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We will cover the main characteristics of different asset classes, and their historical performance across major market events.


• Cash 

•  Fixed Income 

•  Property 

•  Australian shares 

•  International shares



Be part of an open discussion on different investment options.




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Carlos has in depth knowledge in managed funds, alternative investments, financial markets and wealth products.


Carlos currently provides consulting to businesses in financial services aimed at identifying strategic initiatives for market expansion and operational improvement.


Carlos holds a Bachelor degree in Applied Finance from Macquarie University and a Diploma in Financial Planning.