Are you a business owner, entrepreneur or startup in financial services looking for collaboration opportunities to synergize your business?

Finergize identify new opportunities, referral partners, partnerships, grow your value proposition & collaborate to move forward

Collaborate & move forward

Finergy B2B

Finergy where 2+2 = 5

Leverage from the power of collaboration and collective knowledge to discover new opportunities, value add initiatives, referral partners, partnerships, tackle business challenges and grow or create new value propositions.


Share your vision, challenges, creativity, capabilities and collaborate to discover and achieve win-win outcomes.


The skills and know-how that you might need to bring new ideas or grow your business might be here and eager to collaborate with you.


If you are keen to explore synergies, ideas or if you want to get involved and help out conduct and manage these initiatives just reach out. 

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Are you in financial or professional services looking for strategic partnership and business collaboration opportunities?


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  • Understanding your business think tank

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Finergy B2B looks to bring a diverse pool of professionals to help facilitate the exploration of strategic partnerships and collaboration opportunities



Become a member by completing the questionnaire below


and we will keep you posted and invite you to networking workshops when we identify potential strategic business partnerships or collaboration opportunities for your business