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The Evolving Trends in Fintech

Many fintech start-ups are re-inventing financial services by creating new technologies and niche strategies that integrate financial services into today and tomorrow’s lifestyles more seamlessly.


A new generation of start-ups is emerging, with fintech firms attracting $19 billion in investment in 2016 (up from $12 billion in 2013).


In the Asia-Pacific region, fintech investments have concentrated in Australia, China and Singapore, and in 2015 skyrocketed to reach US$3.46b – a four-fold increase from 2014 to 2015.


As the financial services industry evolves, competition in the future will stem not only from mainstream asset classes and markets but from non-traditional fintech propositions. Developments in crowd funding, robo-advice, big data analytics, algorithms, peer-to-peer based platforms and virtual currencies among others are set to evolve as well as seek to gain market share.


According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC), top banking executives fear that more than 20% of their traditional financial services will be at risk to fintechs by 2020.


A Goldman Sachs research report in 2015 estimated that ($4.7 trillion out of $13.7 trillion) in revenue from traditional financial services is at risk of being displaced by new fintech entrants with propositions across lending, wealth management, payments and others.


According to a McKinsey’s report in 2015 as much as 40% of revenue in retail banking, consumer finance, mortgages, small-business lending, retail payments and wealth management – are at risk from fintech start-ups seeking to attain market share away from the banks.


Despite opportunities up for grabs through creative applications of modern technologies, developing and scaling fintech propositions is very challenging.


Inadequate knowledge of products and markets, regulatory requirements, industry frameworks and technical concepts, not to mention lack of experience setting up a business, can lead to the ignition of unviable start-ups or produce costly and time consuming setbacks.


Strategic planning and comprehension of the complexities entailed with establishing and growing sales and distribution channels are critical to succeed and expedite growth.


BIZNEX Consulting can help you assess the commerciality of your value proposition and develop strategic roadmaps to help you increase your customer reach by identifying opportunities for product upgrades, new target markets, creative marketing and strategic partnerships, as well as help you keep abreast of technological developments and innovation that can give your business a competitive edge.


Strategic view point by Carlos Mauleon - Director - New Business Initiatives  

BIZNEX Consulting - Strategic Business Initiatives & Marketing for Financial Services