Overcoming the marketing challenges in finacial services to leverage from social media
24-02-17 - Financial Observer 


Whether social media can work for financial advisers is no longer in question. The key questions are how to overcome the main challenges for its implementation and what strategies work best to optimise adviser reach and engage with clients.


According to a study of 1,018 advisers in the United States by Brightwork Partners, 80% of financial advisers use social media for business, 79% have gained new clients through it and the median asset value attained by advisers via social media was US$1.9 million.


In comparison, Australian advisers have been slower in adopting social media, with a 2015 study by Zurich Financial Services finding only 15% of practices have an optimal social media strategy and 14% an optimal client communication plan.


However, building a social media presence is not an overnight process and can involve some obstacles:


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Financial Observer 24/02/2017

Overcoming the marketing challenges in financial services

By Carlos Mauleon.

Content services to ease the social media hassle

- Financial Observer


Wealth management consultancy Biznex has launched a new copyright-free content bank for advisers aimed at taking the legwork out of marketing and social media engagement as practices increasingly realise the importance of providing insightful online content for the modern client.


Speaking to financialobserver, Carlos Mauleon said the group’s FinContent service, which was currently being piloted with a group of around 1000 advisers, had received exceedingly positive feedback so far. “Advisers have found that using white-label content like this is a great way to promote themselves on the distribution front, whether it’s market overviews, social media posts, infographics or animated videos,” Mauleon said.


“Marketing and client engagement are critical for financial services businesses because they are dealing with intangible products, so articulating the value of the business is key. However, this tasks can also be very time-consuming without the right expertise and require thorough technical industry knowledge.”


By providing advisers with pre-written content that they can tailor and use for their own client base, practices could enjoy economies of scale and time savings while still giving exposure to their business through key social media channels, he said.


“In terms of demographics, the 45 to 65 age group in particular are starting to embrace social media – it is where everyone from retail clients to sophisticated investors are spending part of their days, so it is a great avenue to try and approach new target markets,” 


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Financial Observer 17/01/2017

Content services to ease the social media hassle

By Sarah Kendell 


Biznex Consulting launches financial content service


Consulting firm Biznex has launched a new content service for wealth management businesses.


FinContent offers a store of copyright-free, white label pre-written content for a wide array of businesses across financial services where they can download and use content for their client engagement.


Carlos Mauleon, Director of New Business Initiatives at Biznex Consulting said the launch of FinContent was in response to strong demand from businesses seeking to enhance their profiles and better communicate with their clients by offering continuous insights and thought leadership.


They simply do not have the time or resources to do it all by themselves and content development requires marketing expertise and direct industry experience as well as technical product knowledge.


“Today’s wealth management businesses want to stay connected with their clients, keeping them informed and engaged. It is no longer enough to simply have an annual review – clients are demanding fresh information through social media, newsletters and websites to help them cut through the market noise and stay on track with their financial strategy,” he said.


The FinContent service does not require a subscription. Users can simply purchase articles, blogs or infographics to use as they wish.


Working with experienced financial journalists and graphic designers, FinContent will continuously produce fresh content as well as cater for the production of tailored content.


“By using our service, wealth management businesses can save time on content creation and use their resources to focus on their key areas of specialisation – working with clients and growing their businesses,” Mauleon said.



Biznex Consulting launches financial content service

By Amanda Tailor 

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