Project Management 

                                            Do you have a project in mind or need a solution? 


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• Create new value propositions and brands

• Identify new target markets

• Formulate a Sales & Distribution strategy

  • Create new business campaigns

• Establish risk governance frameworks

• Improve your customer experience

• Streamline your operations

• Automate your marketing

• Get 12 months worth of tailored

marketing content done in advance





If you have a project brief you can e-mail


Alternatively, just complete our questionnaire below to get started. This will ignite our creativity and we will get back to you with thoughts and ideas to further discuss how to start moving towards your objectives.

Managing a business in financial services can be quite challenging considering  the inherent complexities of the industry and client aquisition.


In addition, implementing projects and initiatives can be time consuming, costly and an ineffective exercise without the appropriate skills, industry knowledge, resources and tools. Let us help you manage projects and enable the development and implementation of key strategic initiatives for your business.


Our approach is collaborative: we engage stakeholders, facilitate outcomes and meet requirements. 


We can help you every step of the way from project planning to management and execution.

Why is it important?
  • Get important initiatives up and running or done and dusted

  • Save time and resources to focus on the core specialisations of your business

  • Keep your staff motivated with business progress and encourage them to identify value add initiatives

  • Communicate the value add of project initiatives to key stakeholders e.g. board of directors and staff

The BIZNEX Advantage
  • Get experienced professionals to manage your projects with collaborative stakeholder engagement

  • Leverage from the experience, insights and knowhow that only come with direct industry experience

  • Our mix of digital, consulting and direct financial services experience make us a a great starting point for project planning and execution

The right mix:

  • Direct financial services experience

  • Consulting and marketing knowhow

  • Digital solutions

  • Research capabilities

Why BIZNEX Consulting

We understand:

  • Value propositions across financial services

  • Financial products and markets

  • Needs of your clients

  • Challenges that the industry poses

  • Regulatory requirements

During the consultation session we will get an understanding of your business objectives and needs to identify potential solutions or challenges as well as areas where BIZNEX Consulting can assist with.



Depending on the required project, a consultant or a panel of consultants will conduct a review to explore solutions to facilitate your objectives which can range from identifying new target markets, proposition upgrades, strategic partnerships and optimal business models.


We will develop a report summarizing perceived solutions or value add initiatives for the client to assess whether to execute any initiatives. For the selected solutions and value add initiatives, we will develop a project implementation plan in consultation with the client. The project plan will outline applicable cost estimates for its implementation.


Upon receiving approval for implementation we will carry out and manage the execution of the solution and provide ongoing status reports as required. 


As we work with you we will try to identify initiatives to further grow or enhance the value add of your services and facilitate your objectives. We can also support the continuation of initiatives and provide ongoing services as required. 

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