We are all different fish and in different buckets and have different attitudes towards investment risk.


How comfortable are you with the possibility of fluctuating markets, what is your investment horizon/timeframe and how emotional can you be over volatile returns.


You need to consider investments that balance your appetite for risk and their ability to reach your financial goals. 

Risk Profile Demo - Find out what is your investment style


Find out what is your risk profile and take advantage of expert knowledge
Take advantage of expert knowledge
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Risk Profile Sample Demo interface by BIZNEX Consulting

Streamline your business and give your clients and prospective customers an efficient experience in line with today's modern expectations.


From our experience there is no better marketing and way to prove that you are customer centric than by providing efficient service frameworks.


Leave the old paper forms behind and embrace online and automated Fact Finds, Risk Profiles, Application forms and you name it.

If time is money efficiency is compound interest

Personalised forms with your own business logo that can be embedded on your website.


Let clients complete forms at their own pace and convenience.


Receive automated notifications of completion to your email with a PDF document attached detailing their responses.


Send auto responses to users containing a copy of the form, your value propositions, Financial Services Guides, Product Disclosure Statements or applicable promotional material.


Accept  electronic signatures.


Accept online payments.


Receive file document uploads from clients.


Add question explainers.


Save forms to complete at a later date.


Question branching based on answers.






Streamline your business with tailored electronic forms

Need more time in your day?

Well it is possible and we can make it happen.


     From $20 p.m. or $200 p.a.

     Unlimited questions and fields

     Unlimited forms

     Unlimited Submissions


     Customised form construction

     from $ 995

     - Acount set-up

     - Questionnaire structuring

     - Autoresponders

     - Testing


If you have a specific questionnaire in mind contact us for a quote



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-  Risk Profiles -  Fact Finds - Direct Debit Requets Forms  -  Authorities to Access Information - Application  Forms    

-  Surveys -  Lead Generation Forms -  Event registrations -  News letter subscriptions and more

The Risk Profile Questionnaire presented is purely a sample demo intended to showcase some of the features and capabilities that we can develop through our electronic forms.  


If you would like to streamline your operations or require a tailored solution for your business get in touch

Get the information in excel format individually and collectively to further analyse your book of clients if 



Minimise data entry upload information captured into your CRM with ease such as Salesforce.


Third party application automated integration: Salesforce, Marketo, Mailchimp, Evernote, Dropbox and more 

Complete our electronic Risk Profile Questionnaire


 Find out what is your investment style and get a complimentary financial planning consultation by an expert financial adviser