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Innovation - Accelerating the race into the future

New innovations accelerating the race into the future.

Innovations with potential to change landscapes worldwide.

2015: The year of innovation

- Aerofarms - farming gets disrupted and can now move into the city. Agriculture without soil. Crops can now grow faster and are easier to stack and protect through vertical farming systems . Zero pesticides and 95% less water.

- Beyond Meat - super meat made out of vegetables.

- Zephyr - taking drones to brand new levels. Solar powered drones that can orbit inside the planet and conduct satellite functions.

- Betti Gel - the new instant blood clotting gel. Likely to be a most have in your first aid kit.

- The MYO band - you might not need to touch that computer screen or mouse as much. This band can read your forearm movements and carry out navigation instructions accordingly.

- Soft Robotics - wearable clothing with robotic functionalitis are being developed by Rebecca Kramer at Purdue University.

- Akhan Technologies - electronic cooling systems powered by synthetic diamonds. Electronics can now go thinner and faster.

- Oculus - immersive video experiences, spherical 360 degrees views. We won't longer be spectators but brought into the stage.

- Orange County water ground replenishing facility in south California is pushing water recycling to new levels through micro filtering. Hoppefuly everyone will now give thought to filtering water thoroughly before pushing it back into the ocean.

- Ilumexico bringing light to rural low income areas through portable easy to install solar powered devices.

These are all great examples on how creativity and determination can change our landscapes worldwide and that there is always scope for improvement and innovation.

There are also plenty of developments happening and space for improvement across the financial services industry.

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Strategic viewpoint by

Carlos Mauleon

Senior Manager of Strategic Business Initiatives at BIZNEX Consulting your biznex partner

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