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Entrepreneurial Olympics 2020 Go get your business goals

Picture how far you could take your business working hard at it for 4 years. Set business goals keep an Olympic mindset and go get your business goals.

How is entrepreneurship similar to training for the Olympics?

Seeing the Olympians train and compete at the Olympics is inspiring to say the least. Their dedication and how they push their boundaries every day to participate and make the Olympics possible is admirable and motivational.

There are clearly some similarities when it comes to training for the Olympics and running a business, as entrepreneurship is like an elite sport that many aspire to, not many have venture into and where we see the best ones reach great heights.

Here are some similarities between entrepreneurship and the Olympic challenge:​

Passion, training & practice, practice, practice - You may have discovered what you are really good at and that you really enjoy. Then it’s key to dig deep to find out what’s the main driver for your passion. Holding on to that driver and train, train, train.

Sacrifice - Missing out on fun, social, travel, family activities as well as financial stability and career risks can be extremely difficult however it’s possible with supportive family and friends.

Failures - Every day we fail and we learn. Think of the times we need to finish on the second, third, hundredth place before even being able to make it to the top of the podium on a local, national or international level.

Self-belief - We wear our failures like a badge as a reminder to try again and try harder. Key is to remember your drive and why you are doing this in the first place. Many times you’ll need to back yourself and be your biggest cheerleader.

Best teams and coaches - The best results are made with the best teams and coaches. You will have to surround yourself with people that share your passion and that will inspire and motivate you to try even harder.

Tools & technology - You will need to have the right tools, equipment and technology to help you manage and measure your performance. We all have good weeks and bad weeks. Using analytics to identify areas of improvement and find out what are the key underlying drivers for good or bad performance.

Continuous improvement - Every day you need to take small steps to improve yourself and big leaps to help you make a step change. Keep moving, innovating and improving to surpass prior records.

Competition - Oh and competition. It might be our worst nightmare but also something that can give us that extra adrenaline and push.

Collaboration – The power of collaboration is exponential. Big events like the Olympics require enormous collaboration and planning to make things happen. Work as a team and leverage from collaboration and you will experience synergies and achieve things well above your individual reach.

Keep an Olympic mindset and go get your business goals.

Let us know what are your business goal for 2017 and stay motivated with a FREE business goals info graphic to start your Entrepreneurial Olympics 2020 journey - Do you got what it takes to get there?

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