• Concept design brainstorm session


  • Understanding your business and website requirements


  • Industry, target market and value proposition

The BIZNEX advantage
  • Gain credibility with customers and potential business partners

  • Your website is promoting your business 24-7

  • Increase the geographic reach of your business

  • Engage with your clients and communicate the value add of your services

  • Free up time by automating processes and sign ups through your website

  • Create value propositions with the aid of experienced industry professionals who understand your products and services

  • Develop professional websites that communicate the value add of your services

  • Develop content and propositions considering RG234 compliance requirements

  • Access professional content writers with direct industry experience

If you are looking to start or expand your business, consider BIZNEX Consulting as an independent business planning starting point and a creative ally to generate fresh ideas and tackle business challenges.


By bringing digital solutions, consulting know how and direct financial services industry experience we can help you create new value propositions or rebrand your business in line with market expectations.


In today’s modern environment you will need to lift a well-rounded business and digital infrastructure that will enable you to present your value proposition, interact and engage with existing and potential clients and streamline your operations.​






The approach
  • Finish up and polish




  • Review consultations in line with plan

  • Develop main  website elements 


  • Develop user experience layout




  • Review and test





  • Approve


  • Publish

GRW Financial Services is a private financial planning practice with over 15 years of experience in the Financial Services industry as well as an authorised representative of AMP Financial Planning.


The work involved development the value proposition and website for the business.


The end product developed by BIZNEX Consulting conformed the following:


  • Website Design

  • Content creation and writing

  • Business Image & theme

  • Value Proposition Development


Solutions to Financial Health directed by William Jackson, who has over 17 years of experience within Financial Services, is a Financial Planning Practice that specialises in insurance. Solutions to Financial Health offers from Life to Commercial Insurance options. 


The project involved a full review of the value proposition and marketing approach.


The end product developed by BIZNEX Consulting conformed the following:


  • Website Development

  • Content Creation

  • Business Image & Rebranding

  • Skills & Value Proposition Repositioning

  • Marketing Analysis

  • User Friendly Video Conferencing Integration

  • Web Management Self Sufficiency Training

  • New Business Expansion Plan

Solutions to Financial Health


GRW Financial Services

Web Design


Are you ready for the digital world?

You don't have to we got you covered


Is your business in line with modern expectations?

Are you capitalising on the trends?

Why is it important?



Sample work
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The approach

Consultation to understand your business objectives, target market and client base



Determine tools and functions that could be useful for the business and estimate App  pricing



Develop an app demo showcase design



Develop the app in line with requirements






List app on desired platforms e.g. iphone and android



Promote across client base or intended target market





Pre-built app functionalities
that we can customize inline with your needs


  • Our mix of digital, consulting and direct financial services experience make us a great starting point to identify tools to help you increase your reach and improve your end clients' experience.


  • Open up a channel of cross selling opportunities

  • Keep in touch with your clients, grow relationships and aid retention

  • Keep your clients engaged and up to date

  • Earn money or give out your app for free to your clients

  • Show your clients that you are customer centric

  • Give member portal access through your app

  • Escape cluttered emails and use push notifications for your business promotions

Many small industries try to avoid developing apps for their business, as they fear that the costs of app development would far exceed their budget. Yet in today's modern environment apps have become an expectation for business interaction. While it is true that mobile app development can turn out to be an expensive affair, it does not need to be the case.


Leverage from our pre-designed app functionalities aimed at catering for the needs of the financial services industry.


Save time and money reinventing the wheel from scratch and win your clients over with an easy to deal with business experience.


While a website is a vital tool to promote your business and services and acts as a one-stop shop for your users, the number of mobile users is ever increasing.

The opportunities
The BIZNEX advantage
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